The previous two campaigns aimed to reach the built-in consumer bases of major corporations.
Do you recognize the practical explanation or do you have more suggestions?These tasks demand great attention to detail, computer literacy, and strong communication skills.When Obama won, he implicitly shared the credit with everyone who had even a minimal awareness of his online presence.This is not true of major corporations, who need to maintain high sales rates.A couple of months before they re-branded the whole thing, people were simply throwing ice on their knuckle heads to avoid having to donate 100 to their favorite charity (not so favorite if they were trying to avoid the donation).10 Viral Marketing Principles to Follow.They even found prepaid mobile phones baked into birthday cakes.The resulting video, Girls Dont Poo, contained: A ladylike narrator A script full of poo-etic puns A clear explanation of how the product traps odors from escaping The viral video garnered 6 million views and more than 278,000 shares in its first week alone.How Old Spice Turned Internet Silliness Into Great Smelling Profit Look at that Old Spice video entitled The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.Viral Marketing Characteristics, all viral marketing examples deliberate or accidental have three things in common: the message, the messenger and the environment.And no two were ever alike.How Lays Chips Crowdsourced Snack Flavors and Built a Tasty Tribe In 2012, food company Frito-Lay rolled out a tasty campaign entitled Do Us a Flavor.Content does not have to be covert to be viral.In that case, it only takes a few hours to take it down.That line grew to a whopping 800,000 hopeful, m, m Once a company knows what its target demographic wants and how they communicate, they begin creating content those people will want to share.
And yet somehow it all worked.

Involved Audience : The campaign involved their target audience almost immediately.
The video went viral because it was seemingly shot in one take while the man listed all of the reasons why he is more desirable than any of the viewers partners.
The Blair Witch team created websites, message boards, and fake news stories that heightened the horror and mystery of the movie's story.